Franck II Louise

30 12 2007

When hearing “hip-hop dancing” people often figure out “street dancing” and nothing else.
However, few people know that hip-hop dancing can also be choregraphed and have a great set up as any dance show.
In France, one of the most talented choregrapher is Franck II Louise.
He started his career as co-hosting a 80s TV show called H-I-P H-O-P where dancers where showing off their new moves. He created the first french break dancing crew: Paris City Breaker and at the same time was a DJ. Since then, he wrote music for several dance crews and began to create his own choregraphies.

His interest for both dance and music led him to create shows emphasizing the tight links between those two fields of art. As a result, he created Drop It! in 2000 which was re-made in 2006. This show emphasizes the musicality of hip hop and the relation between moves and music. We can then discover Franck II Louise’s universe, which is inspired from the comics and movies from the 50s to the 70s. Here is an excerpt of the show:

Willing to link as much as possible the two worlds of dance and music and fascinated by new technologies, Franck II Louise participated to research.
With a new show Konnecting Souls he proposes to reverse the traditionnal process of choregraphy: instead of creating move after a music, the dance move will create the music.
His dancers are thus equiped with sensors which detect their moves and translate them into music. The result his quite impressive as the whole of the music depends on the dancers and since the dancers cannot have any marks to perform their moves.

Konnecting Souls (extrait)

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His shows have been performed worldwide in several hip hop festivals. So if you see it scheduled, don’t miss it!




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