EIVP Prom Ball

25 01 2008

On February 14th, there is the EIVP’s Prom Ball.
Basically, it is the only dressed-up school party of the year.
This is an event were we are going to show our school pride and moreover celebrate the new graduates, which are students from the 46th promotion of the school.
The evening will be full of surprises and animations such as a sushi bar, a gospel choir, a jazz band, dancers and so on.
It will take place at the Forum de Grenelle in the 15th arrondissement. For more information, visit our website http://ww2.eivp-paris.fr/gala.
You can already book your places in the main hall of the EIVP, every day of the school week. If you’re looking for a great party, come and bring your friends!
We’re looking forward to see you there!



28 09 2007

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